Home stretch!
We are getting near the end of chapter one. I wanted to do a webcomic for a long time, and am so glad I finally got this story out of my head and into the world. I learned a lot just from going through the production process.
Lesson one: have a realistic schedule.
I started with a healthy backlog of pages, which quickly disappeared. Several pages still need to be coloured. I am working also on a prologue. While creating new pages. Yes, I can do it all! Provided I have a time machine and a clone, of course.
Lesson two: resist temptation!
Inspiration is great, but changing the script on the go is not. Maddy was supposed to just have two pages, Eugene four panels. And then they started having backstories. One little change here, one there, what harm can it do? Not much beyond creating ripple effects throughout the story. I’m having fun updating the script, but again, time consuming.
So for now the posting schedule will be Fridays only until I go through some much needed maintenance.
Thank you for reading! See you next Friday!